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  1. Trent

    Don't play here with crypto unless your happy waiting hours for a withdrawal ...... customer service is a little rude & arrogant
  2. Highrollinglady

    So, you say that you cannot deposit and play real money games at Oshi, but I did deposit and I happen to have won a good amount of money after depositing a good amount of money and playing for a long time. So, now my withdrawal is pending, and has been pending for many days. I hope they dont give me a hard time about withdrawing because it will not go over well with me. What do you think will happen?
  3. Steve

    Don't register, I did so through this no deposit bonus link and customer support told me that the link wasn't from a one of their linked affiliates and they wouldn't be activating the spins
  4. valark

    Oshi's is the best. They have a huge selection, excellent service and the games all run well. They have everything anyone could want, without all that snake oil sales pitch junk in the way. As to what the other comment says: I had withdrawn money won or not played several times. Immediately verified and released. They are fast and friendly with transfers in and out. A short bit ago, I won a good amount. They processed the first chunk I took out and I bet the remains and won more. It was at withdrawing that chunk that they asked for me to verify my identity. This process, I have done before at other places. Again, at Oshi's. it was simple and fast and like having a friend check it. That was it and my winnings were mine. I mean, in seconds after I requested it, it was out the door. My profile is still not propagated. It is entirely blank in every box. They could give a damn if I fill it out and it isn't necessary to ever do so. Why anyone would falsify this information, rather than just decline to answer until necessary, is beyond me. And I don't mean this in a moral sense, but in a very clear legal way: filling it out falsely is fraud. Completely, fully and unmitigated fraud. You may be thinking "who cares if I use false info" which is reasonable in a sense. But you are not the only person in the world. There are people who exploit and victimize others and use their proceeds at those places where there are no checkpoints. This allows them to "clean" their proceeds and they often use false identification ploys. So, sure, it may not apply to you or whomever. But that it could, that it does...these are ways to stop them or at least hinder them. No casino makes rules to make things more tedious or difficult for their clients. And I am sue that is not the case at Oshi's. They also are not greedy. They do not spam you or ever send you come-ons and sales pitches. Like I said, they let me send in and out until I had a larger deposit and then withdrawal cycle going on. Then all I had to do was upload my identity document to the Documents area and I was verified and good to go. My profile is still blank. And so it is anonymous. No one will ever know, outside of the staff that handles the monetary exchanges, anything about me. This isn't some Tor chat box or Playstation video game. The point in the anonymous factor isn't so the casino doesn't know me, it is so that my information is not given out to others, including governmental bodies. It isn't so that no one knows your name. It is so that no one can use it against you or otherwise intend undesirable consequences for you. So next time, don't blame the casino for your lies. You chose to break the contract, you chose to put false information, you got caught. Next time, tell the casino that you go to that you do not want to give your info, your name or your ID at any point in your relationship with them. Then ask them if they are all right with that and if so, what are the parameters - How much can you take out? How much can you deposit? Etc.... Oshi's is the best online casino I have found. It rests in the tone they set, they freedoms they allow and the large selection of entertainment. Their incredibly fast deposits and withdrawals are very well known and are relied on by myself and many others. There is no reason why anyone should play anywhere else...unless you think all those 350% bonus with free spin huckster offers actually benefit you instead of greatly reduce your chances..then yeah, maybe you should stay in the McDonald's Casino group. But the smart person will be at the Michelin Star casino - Oshi.io and very happily satisfied.
    • Thanks for the extensive review Valark!
  5. Carson Koch

    Oshi did not pay my winnings due to my person info not being accurate. If your looking for a fair anonymous casino this isn't it
    • Thank you for the review Carson! Also negative experiences are valuable for the community.

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