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  1. Andy

    Like most people, the worst part I find about Casino bonuses is the wagering requirement. I have been a player at mBitcasino from 2015. I also have and do occasionally use other online casino's but mbitcasino is by far my regular for a reason many don't know or take into consideration. These days nearly all the leading online cryptocurrency casinos (Top 10 each year are usually dominated by Dama NV Casios such as mBitcasino, Bitstarz, 7Bit ect) have wagering of 35-40x on majority of typical deposit bonuses. Why mBit stands out for me as far superior to others is **THE BET LIMIT** while using bonus funds. Literly all other casinos put bonus bet limits of bonus funds between usd $4-15 with it more commonly down the lower end. Straight off the top mBit dominates this. If playing in USD mode (although it is a cryptocurrency only casino it has a option to use the current conversion rate and play showing balance as USD equivalent) the cap is **$28** This means you are able to use the ingame bonus buy features on nearly all slot/video slot games for a start. But this is where it is WAY above any other. When playing in cryptocurrency mode showing balance at mbtc (mini Bitcoin) the BONUS FUNDS MAX BET LIMIT FOR BITCOIN IS 0.003BTC per bet. That is currently USD$91 at todays rate. So while they only give you 24 hours to wager 40X bonuses, I have found it is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to beat the wager amd cash out than its competitors who may offer 48hours up to 7 days to wager bonus funds but with a $5-$10cap. This makes majority of video slot game features which are a major fun point for most players i know out of reach. For people who arnt high rollers but may deposit a few hundred dollers and use a bonus with 35% extra then I tell you it is so much easier to smash threw the wager with $91 per bit limits not $5. This is using bitcoin. Goodluck all! Andy
  2. Carmen Boariu

    First is a very good casino very trustworthy you get the win money very fast I never had problem . The app is very good I play a lot from android phone ..Customer service is at best we are kind of family they don't forget birthdays . Hope in the future I can see more providers lol greedy
  3. Konrad

    I won 1 Bitcoin. I couldn't belive. This is why I write this review, because it was a big surprise for me
  4. Sylwester76

    I really like how the site works. I wish there was more bonus. I know it’s expensive but you should get more!
  5. Judy

    All time favorite casino.
    • I am glad you like it Judy! It is a great casino indeed :)
  6. Sean Hartman

    After playing for about 6 hours straight on multiple different games I can say for a 100% fact that after you get a decent win you will go on a loss streak until that money you won is recuperated, I personally am not depositing ever again on here because of that. For games that usually bonus pretty quickly it will take 100s of spins to get a bonus and then when you do get a bonus they pay nothing. Then out of no where you'll get bonuses so easily like on the first spin.
    • Andy

      Thats called bad luck, and as someone who has been gambling online sense 2016 (mBitc and others, however mBit is my preferred choice) You go through stages like that all the time. It's not actually possible for the Casino to interfere with game results. The games they run are provided by independent companies, the game providers. They are the only ones with access to the source code. And the games are programmed with a set RTP that is known to the Casino before renting the rights to offer that game on their platform. It is also shown by the Casino on the game. It is literally impossible, and the game providers have made sure of this not only by maintaining their own regulated and audited license, but ensuring the games cannot be tampered with by anyone they provide them too. Otherwise, they would risk their reputation in the industry is someone happened to do that. I am not trying to be mean by saying this but due to the above reason which are all facts and can be checked out by anyone reading this, your own statement " I can say for a 100% fact that after you get a decent..." is actually 0% fact mate.
  7. Andrew

    I'm in US so I can't always play at all the sites but this one is just amaze. I put $400 (BTC) in the morning into my account, didn't have to go through any verification hassle like with some other brands, requested withdrawal of $800 in the evening and got the money in my wallet within 15 minutes. Really recommend mBit to everyone from US.
    • Ryan Holman

      It’s says US IS RESTRICTED? I tried the sign up but when it says select country US isn’t one of them?
  8. Smdh2020

    Games are tight, and after a small win they seem like they restrict you from hitting any decent spin or bonus rounds until you lose what you won. Five visits later still no legit bonus round.payout ....now that's just ridiculous. Even games that normally hit the bonus rounds with every 7_10 spins, you won't see for like 100 spins and when and if you do, it gives you nothing but crap the entire round. The same as bitcoincasino.us, games seem rigged after you win over $150 or so. I can't wait until i find a real honest crypto casino for US players. I have no idea how they score 5 out of 5 here, that is such crap and the loyalty VIP is skimpiest ever that I've seen. It takes a million dollars spent to get 1 tier point it seems like.
    • Andy

      Thats not how things work at all. Online casinos such as mBitcasino and all leading only casino's hold gaming licenses which are displayed on there sites. These casinos have ABSOLUTELY NO INPUT into game results. People need to understand that casinos are simply a platform that provides access to games rented from 3rd party gaming providers that are completely different companies in there own industry that is, making games. They certainly do not share inhouse knowledge of source coding nor access for anyone else to alter the software. You can check the RTP of games. mBitcasino even now after the 2023 redesign, show the RTP on every single game without needing to go into the (i) information icon. Its listed right under the game name and picture on the main pages!
  9. Zayn

    Thats a great site! Graphics and design is good, chat people are very friendly and available all the time. I play a lot there so the VIP bonuses are a good way to keep things entertaining. The only downside is the fact I cannot play some of the games because of the country restrictions but all in all it's still one of the best casinos out there 5 stars!
  10. Kendra

    I play here constantly, last week I deposited $50 in btc and walked away with over $1100. Withdrawals are so fast and the customer service is amazing!!! Especially my vip rep linda! I have played at all the others and i feel like they care and want me to win...,legit casino
    • Great to hear Kendra! Thanks for the review.
  11. Chucknorris

    One of my favourite sites! Before I didn’t loke mBit so much but after the redesign the site is so much better. VIP program is also revamped.
    • Thank you for the comment Chuck!
      • YeLi


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